Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bacon Fudge - Jaybirds K

On repeat, repeat, repeat. So, because this cassette kicks so much ass, I ended up buying two copies. One of which is for muah, and the other I want to give to one of y'all. Because...sharing is caring...and I can't help but want to share the brilliance of what is Bacon Fudge. Paris' best grunge-punk (grunk) act 'round.
So game plan: all you have to do is listen to this album in it's entirety (you'll probably end up listening to it like 218 times, cause it's that damn amazing) and send me an explanation of which song get's ya groovin' in ya boots the most. You can either send your entry to my Tumblr blog, or the Punk Gunk blog e-mail: (preferred). I will then choose a submission by random and that person will get their very own copy of Jaybirds K by Bacon Fudge released by Kebab Records. I will choose the winner on January 30th.
No need to reblog or even like it...just turn this shiz up, lay on yo cans, and tune in.
Listen to it here:

D: Bacon Fudge - Jaybirds K7 [2014]

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