Tuesday, October 18, 2016

StackHumans - Demo​-​Scheiße EP

can't really find any info on these duders. they're from itzehoe, germany. this album is pack with rad, rad RAD hardcore punk tracks. whoever the vocalist is, IS gnarly good. personal fav: du sagst! (do say)  

listen here amd Buy buy buy:

Exotica - Musique Exotique #01

holla. exotica are a four-piece hardcore band from brooklyn, new york. apparently this was released on cassette, but i can't seem to find it. sad jess. 5-fiesty-powerful tracks. i want more.

listen and buy and also if you find out where to get a tape let me know cuz i want it

The Drippies - A Quickie With...The Drippies!

haven't seen 'em yet unfortunately. drippies are from kansas city missouri. loved their last release. "live and uncut"such punk. this however is such rock n' roll. i can dig. the info. on the song says "a song about cutting myself" such dark. but i suppose we can all related. keep an eye out on these duders.<3

listen here and buy:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ultra - España Invertebrada

hardcore-punk band from barcelona spain. this 7in is packed with fast-paced hardcore licks. released via la vida es un mus so you can imagine how kick-ass this record is.

check it out here duders:


talked about duder before. one-grand-man-garage-punk-band from minneapolis, minnesota. snagged a cass from him back in july. included was a charming note...which i have yet to respond too. fuk. all songs are written and recorded by homeboi himself,  C. Voltaire. scuzz, fuzz, someone needs a muzzle jams...(jk) personal fav: kissies for you, "fucking hate cupid - shit sucks" couldn't have said it better myself. MUAH </3 (also there is a sik mingus cover - whoa whoa)

check it out and snag all the cass' cuz its tite:

Various Artistas - Recopilado de Punk Mexicano (Punk Chakal)

what a compilation. WOOSH. all bands are from mexico. every track is a banger. not kidding. a great, great representation of the punk scene in mexico. not exactly sure of  union punk rock compiled all of these tracks, but whatev. they have a blogspot as well if you wanna pick the brains of UPR. http://unionpunkrock.blogspot.mx  personal fav: all of it

check it out:

MOIST - Safe Word

4 piece punk band from seattle washington. no surprise there <3. ain't gonna lie, but i've been listening to this non-stop since i bought it. you probz will too once you buy it. personal fav: the first track "jealous rage" vocally there is so much going on. the transition at :20 carries much post-punk vibez then immediately back to the raging vocals introduced in the beginning. everyone should be jealous of this band. ;)

buy, buy, and share, share:

Apollo 69 - Best Gore

3 piece hardcore-punk band from fullerton, CA. looks like this may be their first album release and by golly its mad-rad. can't find them on FB, but they have an IG. keep ya self updated. go go go personal fav: freeloader

check it out here:

Beta Boys - Oh wow​!​! Hard Rock Music​!​! I Love It​!​! EP

man oh man. i must be outta of the loop. didn't know homebois moved to olympia. Originally from KC,MO (yaaaayaya) ... good for them BUT they will still be mid-western punk-freakz to me. :) <3 anywho, i love this ep. same bootyful gritty-ness that i cherish most from the b-boys. i hope they release this in the states at some point. personal fav: high on drugs cuz

check dis out now:

Generacian Suicida - S/T

4 piece kbd-style espanol punk band from los Angeles CALI. i actually got to seem them killin' it, at beerland here in austin, tx back in may of this year. holy smokers it was incredible. the gal-pal drummer aka kiwi was insane! DRUMMING TILL INFINITY. i took a vid vid of her poundin away, check it out via punkgunkpress IG.
 if yo have a chance to see these duders, please, please do so. also talk to them - so kind <3 also their latest record SOMBRAS is still up for sale. PERSONAL FAV: soldados (soldier) 

check it out here: