Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anasazi - Nasty Witch Rock

I didn't really know what to expect from this record considering the first track is a recording from some hip-hop vid? some 90s film? Beat Street perhaps? ;) Either way, your ears are in for a surprise. Anasazi are a post-punk 4-piece band from nyc. i originally stumbled across these guys via Sacred Bones yrs ago and haven't let them go. They definitely haven't lost their sound. Nasty Witch Rock continues to carry Anasazi's unique post-punk sound, but only it's gotten better! Much darker, louder, aggressive. Highly recommend. personal favorite: memba me, cuz it'll give you the fuckin' chills. 

Check this shiz out here and purchase please:

D: Anasazi - Nasty Witch Rock [2015]

Also, purchase the record via La Vida Es Un Mus Records ! and also check out the rest of their catalog it's packed with the raddest shit 'round. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

HWLN - The Happening On March 12th

hwln are a 3-piece noise/post-punk/psych band from austin, texass. this album in its entirety was recorded at Beerland which is pretty fucking cool. personal fav: malaise phase cuz noise

check it out here:

D: HWLN - The Happening On March 12th [2015]

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Säw - Got A Life?

golly guys. Säw is punk/hardcore band from hungary.  a total fucking mess of noise. personal fav: minds wide open cause 0:52. i'm so obsessed

check this shit out right now hurr:

D: Säw - Got A Life? [2008]

Dead Arms - All The Hits

Dead arms are a four-piece noise/punk act outta London. totally am rep quality shit right here. heavy-bass riffs and screeching vocals by the lovely "general waste" as he calls himself. if jesus lizard, cows, etc. are your thang, then you'll definitely dig dead arms.

Check it out here:

D:Dead Arms - All The Hits [2015]

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gulags - Babushka

Gulags are a band based outta london who play catchy, bubbly, punk-rawk tunes. personal fav: modern hell...noise-pop at it's finest.
Check it out here:

D: Gulags - Babushka [2015]

The Jockstraps - The Jockstraps

Jockstraps are a hardcore/punk/emo band from STL. the band even labels themselves as emotional emo which makes a lot of sense. these tracks will give you the feels

Check it out here and purchase the cassette:

D: The Jockstraps - The Jockstraps [2014]

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Brainstems - Ego Death Demo

my fav baes. Brainstems from STL - holla. Stemz are truly one of the best acts to come outta st. louis. such an impressive bunch of musicians. If you're not familiar i highly suggest you check out their past releases. (still for sale...but I can't imagine them being available for too loooong, so snag while ya can peeps)
(i really hope to catch them play live someday... :) )

Check it out here:

D: The Brainstems - Ego Death Demo [2015]

White Whale - White Whale Demo

White whale: 3-piece / aggressive / garage / punk / buffalo, NY

 Check it out here:

D: White Whale - White Whale Demo [2014]

Good Time Aussie Bogalars - Cunt Punk

hahaha. Hilarious mother-fuckers from down-under (ballarat, au). If cunt punk were a genre (which it likely is) this band would be IT. this album is totally pg. ;) 
personal fav: fuck off (because lately, that's been mi mood)

Check this shit out right here:

D: Good Time Aussie Boglars - Cunt Punk [2015]

They on FB too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Walter Kronkite - Walter Kronkite

KC, MO represent. Walter Kronkite everyone (named after the man himself...i'm only guessing) Nasty,  nasty, noisey, tunes. beware.

Check this shit out here:

D: Walter Kronkite - Walter Kronkite [2015]

Mary Bell - Mary Bell 7" EP

I present to you the grunge-punk goddesses of the world - Mary Bell!!! All the way from Paris, France. I'm so in luv guys. You're missing out if you don't snag this. The 7" is coming out soon via Danger Records. get it while you can. 

Check it out and purchase here:

D: Mary Bell - Mary Bell 7" [2015]

Also, homegurls are on tumblr, follow them.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Totally Gay Cop - AWAW, ECS

Totally gay cop / from STL / noise-punk did-lays. Turn-it-up!

Check it out here:

D: Totally Gay Cop - AWAW ECS [2012]

Sick Thoughts - Blood Red EP

Fav band (sick thoughts) from my fav place ever (baltimore, md). When i traveled to Baltimore last year I made certain that I snagged as much Sick Thoughts wax as i could afford. <3 this ep is a gem.

Check it out here:

You can probably purchase the EP here by e-mailing Boozy...if it's still in stock that is.

D: Sick Thoughts - Blood Red EP [2013]

Nos Bos - Droogs n' Goons

nos bos is scuzzy/grimey/noisey punk band from Belleville, Illinois. 

Check it out dudes:

D: Nos Bos - Droogs n' Goons [2014]

Dumb - Friendship EP

Dumb is a garage-rock band from Vancouver, BC canada. catchy/fuzzy tracks. interesting vocals. Personal fav: hey quincy!!! 

Check it out hurr and buy it yo:

D: Dumb - Friendship EP [2015]

Life Like - 2015 Tour Cassingle

Uh, fuck yeah. I can't wait for Deranged Records to release this ep (which is going to be titled Prisoners)! STL represent. keep ya eye's peeled, Life Like starts their tour this week. They may be coming to a city near youuuuu. Tour dates hurr

Check it out here:

D: Life Like - 2015 Tour Cassingle [2015]

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Perro Mojado - Perro Mojado

Garage punk bliss! Perro Mojado (wet dog) is from Granada Spain. personal fav: all of it

Check it out now dudes:

D: Perro Mojado - Perro Mojado [2015]

No Waves - Gemni 2 EP

No waves is garage-punk band form Owasso, Oklahoma. this ep is compiled with almost only covers. (y'all already know how much i luv covers especially a cover of the KING OF GARAGE ROCK- Jay Reatard RIP homeboi)

Check it out here and throw 'em a few bucks if you can:

D: No Waves - Gemni 2 EP [2015]