Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mirror Mirror - Demo

ssshittastic band from ssstl (st.louis) mirror mirror are a 3 piece punk/garage/pop band. female vox that are pleasing to the ears. personal fav: bois bois boisss's fucking hilarious. the track esentially is a laugh at the oh-so-typical punk boi. they go to shows, they sport a screen-printed patch with every outfit, so punx, so rawk, ...."it's false advertising bro" 

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The Kneecaps - Black Hair

this will be the second time kneecaps have been on PG. what was once a three-piece is now a 4-piece...from the uk. black hair is an album that ties in every aspect of a record straight outta the 60s/garage/rock movement. my personal favorite is pain. the outro is wild...listen for yourself

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La Urss - Maravillas Del Mundo

of course if you've been following me via tumblr (mostly likely not, but whatever) you'd know that i've been on such "listen to all things from Spain" kick. Welp, La URSS fits that criteria.  La urss are a 4-piece punk  band from andalucia. you can tell by the very first listen how much this band maintains a diy-oriented spanish punk vibe throughout the entire record. fast-paced songs.  politically aware, opposition to the gov...etc. resembles the sounds of those popular basque-radical rock bands from the 80s...but with it's very own "modern" twist. I'm literally counting down the days till i get to see la urss in the flesh (5 days to be exact). gonna be a wild time.

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Warm Bodies - Domo

i absolutely love the new shit comin' outta KC. (can't wait to go visit next month) warm bodies are a 4-piece punk band. female vox. all members are prominent figures within the KC punk you can imagine how kick-ass this EP is.

check it out here:

Wrung - Demo

wrung are a badass gritty post-punk band from NYC.  my personal favorite "i can't do anything" ,,, because lately i haven't been able to do anything. its currently the soundtrack to my lazy lyfe. lucky for Wrung, they're doing everything RIGHT...because the entirety of this record is fucking RIGHTeous ;O...also where have all these bands been all my life? i swear all the killer new bands are comin' outta NYC now-a-days....good thing i'm moving there soon-ish. (score) I'd keep a close eye on these duders.

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Big Bill - Weird Walk / Mainly Manly

Just saw big bill a handful of days ago and oh man was it a lively show. big bill are a 4-piece garage, punk, freak-pop, rock n' roll band from austin texass. (somehow that description makes sense to me...whatever) here's a new single by the brilliant, big, bill himself.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sarcasm - Total Institution

far so far records presents total institution by sarcasm. London based. Not exactly sure when the cassette will be released, so i would suggest following them on BC for updates. looking forward to it though. these mates are creating some super solid punk/post-punk tunes. my personal favorite: figure in a landscape...cause of it's, it could easily be a bonus track on Miami (gun club) or something- ha. which is the fucking coolest thing ever. these duders are melting my heart with that track. <....3

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Maladjusted - Not Taking Our Minds

fucking hell this album is stellar. maladjusted are a 4-piece punk/hardcore band from LA. homies pair their california hardcore sound around important political themes. It's really fucking lovely to hear a band who centers their art around the importance of feminism. cont. to educate us maladjusted, we all fucking need to hear what you have to say. 

check it out here:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lithics - Borrowed Floors

the horns are calling me. fuck, the last track is fucking brilliant (seven people) Lithics are from portland, oregon. A 4-piece band with female vox (aubrey hornor). minimalist post-punk at its best. think essential logic meets neo boys meets chalk circle meets idk, any 70s or 80s lady post-punk band. I mega dig this record.

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Migraine - Demo

From my new stomping grounds, ATX. migraine are a 4 piece punk rawk band. They've provided us with 6 raw, heavy, and very angry tracks. Take a gander: trapped inside a cage / filled with hate and rage / this body isn’t mine / when will i draw the fucking line (from the track Dysphoria) All of their tunage is centered around the emotional, physical, && mental struggles that we (yes, you) all experience & they strive to cater to a queer and trans community. pretty badass if you ask me.

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