Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mary Christ - Mary Christ EP

Mary fucking Christ. these ladies really know how to make a homie groove.
personal favorite: past self (after listening to this song for the 1st time i immediately thought of the men...)

check this shit out hurr:

D: Mary Christ - Mary Christ EP [2012]
Also, you can snag a copy of this record at Hesitation Wound Records for 4 bucks yo.

Blackmagnum - Sick Of Living/Unwilling To Die

I can dig. blackmagnum is from riverside, CA. nosiey / punk rawk. Released in 1995? If anyone's got the low-down on these dudes, holla at me. I can't seem to find any info.

Check it out here:

D: Blackmagnum - Sick Of Living/Unwilling To Die [1995]

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Past - Demo

i could jam to this all day. Past is a post-punk band from warsaw, poland. (poland, personally has the fucking' raddest post-punk scene...even dating back to the late 70s, when the scene was represented by bands like Kryzys <3...Now it's represented by bands like Past and it more so than ever it's strengthening the post-punk scene) Male and female vox / crisp bass riffs / repetitive clean rhythmic beats.
I can't wait to hear more shizz from these guys.

Check it out:

D: Past - Demo [2015]

The Dumbheads - Heartbroken Idiots

there's nothing dumb about this band. Very clean production and a lovely balance of soundz. the dumbheads are a garage-punk band from Russia. possibly one of my favorite garage-rock albums so far this year.
personal fav: Do you wanna know? which is originally by the Kids (belgium punk band from the mid 70s)  - ballin' cover! 

Check it out and pay what you can y'all:

D: The Dumbheads - Heartbroken Idiots [2015]

Reptoides - Anunnaki Adolescente

Reptoides (Reptilians in english) is a scumtastic garage punk trio from monterrey, Mexico.

Check it out here and pay what you can:

D: Reptoides - Anunnaki Adolescente [2015]

Artefact - Demo

Artefact is a post-punk band from Cardiff, UK. quite a refreshing take on the post-punk sound. The vocalist is really the back-bone to this band/album- dark and gloomy vocals ala siouxsie (typical comparison, i know but it's true) Great freakin' demo.

Check it out here and pay what you can:

D: Artefact - Demo [2015]

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hot Tip - Demo 2014

Yet another PG post about a band off of Drug Party Tapes. I repeat, please, please, check out their catalog - it's insanely good. Hot tip is a four-piece punk act from buffalo, NY and fronted by vocalist Katherine Goewey. fucking rad vocals...she will suck up your soul with the opening track. Actually, I wonder what she is chanting? It sounds demonic-is she summoning Demons? Punk Demons with leather jackets? i hope so.
listen and decide for yourself...

Check it out now:

D: Hot Chip - Demo [2014]

Also, this cassette is still in stock: Drug Party Tapes - Hot Tip

Bad Leg - Bad Leg Demo

Who ever the vocalist is...she sure as hell kicks butt at singing. ;;)

Check it out here:

D: Bad Leg - Bad Leg Demp [2015]

Cocaine Piss - The Pool

well shit, i mean piss. New stuff from Belgium's cocaine piss. Fronted by vocalist, Aurélie Poppins and backed-up by the noisest punk rawkers outta Liège. *sniff*
also, my personal favorite: "fuck this shit" cause, well, ya know, ..."fuck this shit" (listen to it...i'm sure y'all could relate)

Check it out here and give 'em some dough:

D: Cocaine Piss - The Pool [2015]
also, you can purchase the cassette from In Dogs We Trust Records or via Cocaine Piss' bandcamp. Get it while ya can.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Big Suze - Big Suze

big suze: screeching feedback, aggressive vocals, punk-inspired rhythms. fuck yeah. This record continues to blow me away.

Check it out here:

D: Big Suze - Big Suze [2013]

Gurr - Gurr

Grrr, this is so Gurreat. (haha) 3-piece, all gurrl pop-punk band from Berlin. This CASS is so hilarious. At one point, one of the tracks (where did you go?) transitions into a pussycat dolls song- haha. Also there's a song about Joseph Gordon, that's awesome. Tune into this album if you wanna have a good time...and a good laugh.

Check this out now:

D: Gurr - Gurr [2014]

Also purchase the cass via Drug Party Tapes here: Drug Party Tapes - Gurr

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pustostany - 2012

A fav. of mine! This album is packed full of post-punky flavors. Roots in poland. (i wish they had released more tunes...or maybe they have and i just don't know it...if you know, please share!)

Check it out here:

D: Pustostany - 2012 [2012]

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rat Bastard - ¡ME VES Y SUFRES!

" i wannnnnnnna love you" - what a precious and sweet thing to say to someone...except when it comes from the mouth of a Rat bastard.

Check it out here:

D: Rat Bastard - ¡ME VES Y SUFRES! [2015]
Also, I'm super stoked that Rat Bastard, along with some other rad KC punk bands are playing a show on February 25th at Art Closet Studios. GO, if you can because it's gonna be such a coolio show.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Scab Eater - Scab Eater 7"

Open up those ear holes folks and tune into Melbourne's Scab Eater. This 7" is absolutely noisey and intense. The interesting guitar effects incorporated with the catchy vocal arrangements really make this a unique sounding record. this will have ya sweatin'.

Check it out here:

D: Scab Eater - Scab Eater 7" [2015]
Also this was released by blow blood records, (best label ever), check out their FB and their other releases: Blow Blood Records

Gateway Drug Presents - St. Louis 2014 Compilation

Gateway Drug is blog based in St. Louis Missouri that focuses on diy music local to that area. This is a comp. created by them! This shizz is packed with some of the best stl bands 'round. Some of which i've discussed before, (shitstorm, trauma harness, braining, etc.) So you can prob. imagine how crazay this comp. is. 

check it out here:

also here the link to Gateway Drug's blog: Gateway Drug

D: Gateway Drug Presents: St. Louis 2014 Comp. [2014]

El Banda - Skutki Uboczne

El Banda is a hardcore punk band from Warsaw, poland. Female vox! / harsh and heavy sounds mixed with guitar frills...oh, and some horns and strings? are thrown in there too. Turn this up to the max. 

Check it out here:

D: El Banda - Skutki Uboczne [2010]

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weak Link Records - Atlantic Canadian Hardcore Punk Compilation

Thank you weak link records for releasing the most bad-ass canadian-punk comp. to ever exist. this shit is ridiculously good. (also grump is on this comp. and grump is the shiznit. i blogged about them back in jan. :) ) 

check it out here, it's free y'all:

D: Weak Link Records - Atlantic Canadian Hardcore Punk Comp. [2014]

Also, here is a link to their website where you can purchase this cass: Weak Link Records

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Line-up includes: Gums- Andy Peterson / Teeth- Joseph Hess / Lips- Mabel Suen / Throat- Josh Jenkins / Uvula- Eli LaChance (ha)

Check it out here and buy it here:

D: Braining - PEEL OFF THE COATING [2014]

PGB - Voracious

Out on Melt Head Records is Voracious by Montreal based punk-rawk band PGB. (track #2...partay)

Check it out and purchase here:

(also check-out the rest of what Melt Head Records has to offer...great shit!)

D: PGB - Voracious [2015]