Thursday, November 10, 2016

Victime - Mon VR de rêve

victime is a 3 piece post-punk band from quebec canada. female-fronted. personal fav: track 4 holy moly. very mathy, its gr8

check it out: 

Quiter - Quitter

quitter are from baltimore maryland. snag the 7'' from blow blood records. facebook is hurr, blow blood records

Listen here:

Vasquez - ST

hardcore punk band from cologne germany. personal favorite "pretentious fuck" cuz it goes a little something like this "you are bitter and full of shit / pretentious fuck"

check it out here:

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hyle - ὕλη

5 piece punk-hardcore band from bologna italy. what's the deal with bologna....the scene? i just discovered another fucking awesome hardcore punk band from that city!! very down with that.  WWWWWOW. ALL gals it looks like. killer killer tunage right here.
check them out via facebook plz: Hyle 

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Reap - Reap

can't find much about this gnarly band. reap are from athens georgia. raw/thrasy/hardcore punk. personal fav: heritage of hate SO GOOD

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Fera - Fera

4 piece punk band from valencia spain! 7 inch available via Canya de la Muntanya Records
also their facebook FERA

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Alter Egon! - Stahlbeton EP

4 piece punk band from ravensburg germany. awesome female fronted vox. much 80s punk vibez from this ep. awesome!

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Red Son - Demo

red son. three piece hardcore and from palmdale california. can't find anythin about the trio, which makes me excited. the demo is killer. i also hope the cover art is of them. sik. i likey.

check it out here and throw 'em a few bucks:

Asthenia & Akallabêth - Split

Asthenia & Akallabêth probz one of the raddest splits i've come across. becasue not only is it stellar stellar post-hardcore/emo music but both bands are from different areas of the world, BUT sharing similar soundz only with their own regional twist. holy smokes duders, this split is solid. akallabeth is from the UK and asthenia is from tokyo. the split is being released by like so many awesome record labels throughout the world. dig in!

check it out here and throw 'em a few bucks plz:

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Batièn - Il fascino delle Idee

damn. mayne. i listend to this album in its entirity before i even downloaded it. we all know that the genre EMO is having comeback and most of us are super thrilled about it...or not (lol).  fuck -- and this is why! batien are a 5 piece post-hardcore emo band from bologna italy WHO are challenigng the scene and really hitting home with this record.....which should be out on italian DIY label stay home records soon. i typically would pick- out my personal favorite track, but i really really think this entire record is kick-ass. buy it buy it. <3

listen here and throw 'em a few bucks yo: