Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anasazi - Nasty Witch Rock

I didn't really know what to expect from this record considering the first track is a recording from some hip-hop vid? some 90s film? Beat Street perhaps? ;) Either way, your ears are in for a surprise. Anasazi are a post-punk 4-piece band from nyc. i originally stumbled across these guys via Sacred Bones yrs ago and haven't let them go. They definitely haven't lost their sound. Nasty Witch Rock continues to carry Anasazi's unique post-punk sound, but only it's gotten better! Much darker, louder, aggressive. Highly recommend. personal favorite: memba me, cuz it'll give you the fuckin' chills. 

Check this shiz out here and purchase please:

D: Anasazi - Nasty Witch Rock [2015]

Also, purchase the record via La Vida Es Un Mus Records ! and also check out the rest of their catalog it's packed with the raddest shit 'round. 

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