Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bruiser Queen - Bitch Fest 2015 Live

brusier queen is morgan nusbaum (guitar and vox) and jason potter (drums), based out of STL. midwest garage pop punk band. I can't remember if I've seen 'em...i could have very seen them at this show pictured above (taken at the replay lounge in Lawrence KS). this album was entirely recorded during chicago's bitchfest. sigh, i love live albums...and this one in particular is superb. 
personal fav: save me, mo's vocals on this track are incredible. sheesh, rock it gurl
they have a website but i dont know how often they update it... Bruiser Queen Website
i'd suggest checking out their fb for recent info and stuffz here at Bruiser Queen

check it out here: 

D: Bruiser Queen - Bitch Fest Live [2015]

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