Saturday, October 10, 2015

Flykills - Squirrel

From nyc. holy hell. punk rock overload all thanks to gustavo rivera. his screechy, hyper, pitchy vocals is what sets this band apart from the rest.
personal fav: (did i tell y'all that I'm such a sucker for covers?) …homies cover a song by the 80s spanish post-punk band Paralysis Permanente, titled Vamos a Jaguar. it's much faster in pace and has gustavos personal touch added to the mix-holla. Love that they are tacklin' the roots of it all. compare the two yo self if ya want : The original version: Paralysis Permanente - Vamos a Jaguar 

also, if ya dig this band or genre (like i do) check out this compilation: Sombras (Spanish Post Punk + Dark Pop 1981-1986) (paralysis permanente is on the comp as well as many, many other brilliant spanish post-punk bands) 

D: Flykills - Squirrel [2015]

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