Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sievehead - Into The Blue

from sheffield uk. this is their debut album and by golly it's impressive. post-punk tungage. garage rock tunage. Surf rock tunage. it hits all the sweet spots. (well mine at least) For fans of dreamdecay, total control, etc. …sounds like all that stuff.
Personal favorite: look both ways, cuz catchy riffs, chorus, it’s been stuck in my head since the very first listen, that means something right? it does.
you can pre-order/purchase it here at evil hoodoo records...and i suggest you do so asap i imagine it selling out very fast: Sievehead - Into The Blue
(also might want to check out milk run's a joint release- ayyy)

check it out here:

D: Sievehead - Into The Blue [2015]

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